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Altered Sequence Book Two: CORRUPTED, by A.D. Croucher

Altered Sequence Book One: ALTERED, by A.D. Croucher

The Sequence Begins

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1. “Various Methods Of Escape” — Nine Inch Nails 2. “Part II (On The Run)” — Jay Z featuring Beyonce 3. “Tiptoe” — Imagine Dragons 4. “Come Into My World” — Kylie Minogue… Continue reading

“I loved that the story felt very different from so much else I have read lately. It covers genetics, testing labs, human (and not-so-human) experiments, and does it in a very exciting and mysterious way”

Great ALTERED review by Jessica at Read My Breath Away

2012 Honorable Mention

Libby Blog gives ALTERED an honorable mention in their 2012 Top Ten List.

“Entertaining, a riveting plot that never ceases, just the right combination of science fiction & action”

Via Xpresso Reads Buy from Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Monsters. Brilliant.

“I felt like I was watching an action packed movie I’d stumbled upon while channel surfing”

Wonderful five star review of ALTERED by Ange at Libby Blog